Product liability is the branch of law which holds manufacturers of goods responsible for defective or dangerous products. Like personal injury law, a good product liability attorney must be skilled in the courtroom and an experienced trial lawyer. Most often, product liability cases are associated with negligence on the part of the manufacturer. Consumer protection laws vary from state to state.

Usually a product liability claim has to do with a manufacturer negligence resulting in a dangerous product released to the public. We've seen recent auto accident and product liability cases such as Toyota and Firestone tires as well as the Ford van rollover case. For instance, in the Ford van rollover case, "The jury was told, however, that Ford could have strengthened the roof and possibly avoided such a catastrophic accident had it spent an extra $20 per vehicle […] In 2006, the state appeals court rejected Ford's appeals and set the verdict as $27.6 million in compensatory damages and $55 million in punitive damages." [1]

We also have medical prescriptions which are recalled and even medical devices such as the Johnson and Johnson DePuy hip implant recall. Sometimes recalled goods are children's toys, and even cribs and child car booster safety seats. Safety in the work place is related and unfortunately many have been exposed to asbestos which is perhaps one of the more infamous dangerous products widely recognized.

A product liability claim may try to proove negligence on the part of the manufacturer or on the liability of the product which is dangerous. Both negligence and liability are difficult to proove and you will need a skilled and experienced trial attorney.

Consumer protection laws are related to product liability, such as the lemon law." One of the requirements need to proove your car is a lemon in Oregon is, "3) The vehicle must be a "lemon." As of June 23, 2009, it qualifies as a "lemon" if the manufacturer, its agents, or authorized dealers were unable to repair the same defect after three or more repair attempts, the vehicle is being repaired for more than 30 days, or there is a nonconformity that is likely to cause death or serious injury and was not repaired after two attempts." [Oregon Department of Justice, Lemon Law and Consumer Protection]

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