Oregon Third Party Workers Compensation Claims

I was in an auto accident on the job. Do I need an Oregon personal injury lawyer?

Probably. If you injuries are due to a third party, you can make a claim for your injuries directly against them, instead of making a claim against your employer.

What is a third party claim?

In Oregon, a third party claim is a claim against someone other than your employer for your injuries.

The most common third party claims are when you are injured in an auto accident while on the job. Other common third party claims are when you are injured by defective products or the fault of a independent contractor, other than your employer.

Who pays my medical bills and wage loss in a third party Oregon workers compensation claim?

Your Oregon workers compensation pays your medical bills and wage loss.

As part of any personal injury settlement, this money will have to be paid back.

Whether you have to pay some or all of it is determined by what your attorney negotiates with the workers compensation insurance.