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Under Oregon law, bicyclists are required to follow the same traffic laws as auto drivers. Bicyclists deserve the same protections provided to motorists by those laws.


Drivers, Look Right and Left before you turn.

Bicycle v. car accident - Portland has green bike boxes at some intersections yet the scenarios that lead to right hook accidents still occur even in those marked intersections. One of the top hazards an urban bicyclist has to contend with is having a car turn right in front of the bicyclist's direction of travel. This type of accident happens often and occurs when the bicyclist is riding in a bike lane and would seem to be easily visible. Portland's bike boxes and green lane paint are related to this type of accident and should also alert bicycle riders that these are dangerous intersections where the bicycle vs. car accident conflicts have happened in the past.

right hook bicycle v. car accidents also happen when the bicycle rider thought the driver saw them as the car passed, but seconds later the car turned right in front of the bicycle's bike lane anyway. The right hook type of accident also happens when a bicyclist is riding in the bicycle lane (typically right side of the road), or simply riding on the right of the main busy traffic lane. A car driver may, for a variety of reasons, pass the bicycle and then turn right cutting off the bicycle's direction of travel. This can result in a collision, or it may trigger the bicyclist losing control of the bicycle, or it may necessitate the bicyclist needing to force a fall to prevent contact with the auto. The bicyclist can also crash into a parked car or just get run off the road.