Auto accidents, bicycle accidents, motorcycle accidents, and other accidents can cause traumatic brain injury.

Even a mild brain injury can change your life forever.

If you suffered a brain injury do to the fault of someone else, you need to make sure you are fairly compensated or you or our family could suffer financially for years to come.

Brain injuries can sometimes be hard to prove. You may look and act fairly normal, but those around you can see the difference.

Insurance companies have a stable of "independent" doctors who they can hire to say you are fine. Most of these doctors are doctors whose can no longer practice and have problems with the medical board, so they have to say what the insurance companies want them to.

If you have an Oregon brain injury claim, you need an experienced, aggressive Oregon trial attorney who is not afraid to go head to head with the insurance company.

I have handled a number of brain injury cases and am very familiar with the causes of brain injuries and the harm that results from them.

I have worked closely with brain surgeons, neurologists, and neuropsychologists to prove the nature and extent of someone's brain injury.

If you or family member has suffered a traumatic brain injury, please contact me so we can talk about your rights and options. I will do everything in my power to make sure you are treated fairly and receive fair compensation for your injuries.