Why Should You Hire Michael Colbach For Your Beaverton personal injury attorney?

Recent Results

2023: $11.5 Million for injured client in Washington County.

2024: $4.1 Million jury verdict for injured cyclist with TBI in Marion County. Before trial they did not even offer to pay his medical bills.

When you have been injured in an accident, it is important to understand your insurance policy provisions and coverage. After an injury accident, you may be dealing with insurance companies, medical bills, lost wages and time lost from work. Michael Colbach has represented Beaverton injury clients for over twenty years with exceptional results.

Mike offers a free no obligation legal consultation so you can ask him questions and hear what he thinks of your accident injury case. Contact Mike even if you want to handle the claim yourself because in just a few minutes over the phone Mike can give you an estimate of what a fair settlement amount is for your personal injury claim. You then can make an informed decision about whether or not to get a personal injury attorney involved.

I selected Michael Colbach based on his personal attention to my case. When you work with him, you speak DIRECTLY to him, no answering machines, no messages to a sectary or other associates. His office staff are extremely professional, and communicate in a timely matter. Mike is upfront with your expectations on your settlement, the real timeline, when and what to expect... and goes beyond any other attorney would do for you. His fee was less than any other, and I received MORE than any other attorney would have gotten me. You will not get a "speedy" settlement for a few dollars like other law offices do.... You will get the MAXIMUM amount possible in a timely manner that he will tell you up front. Thank you Mike for getting so much more than I thought possible!!! -->More

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5 star review posted on Google about Beaverton personal injury attorney Michael Colbach handling of his personal injury case.
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Why is it so important to hire a Beaverton personal injury attorney who is a trial lawyer?

There are very few lawyers who actually try cases and even fewer who are good at it. Nobody can argue with Mike's demonstrated results. Insurance lawyers and adjusters are very aware of which lawyers will not go to trial and they pay their clients less. Who would you rather have decide what your personal injury claim is worth, an insurance adjuster or a jury? If you hire a personal injury lawyer who does not go to trial, then you are stuck begging for whatever the insurance company will give you. Hiring a trial lawyer is the only way to make sure you get a fair amount for your personal injury case.

An experienced Portland personal injury attorney will help level the playing field.

Once Mike takes your case, you can stop worrying about insurance companies and focus on recovering from your injuries. Mike will take care of all the paperwork, phone calls, negotiations and keep you informed so that you can get on with your life.

Insurance companies do not give money away. The only way to get fair compensation for your injuries is to force them to pay you. The only thing that makes insurance companies pay is the threat of a big jury verdict.

Only a known and respected jury trial lawyer will be taken seriously by insurance companies.

The only way to make sure you get a fair settlement for your Oregon personal injury claim is to contact an Oregon lawyer who focuses exclusively on personal injury cases. The right lawyer can make the difference between being financially devastated and being able to take care of your family's future.

Representative Examples of Mike's Results

Over $5 Million for car accident for injured motorist. Before he hired me the insurance company would not even pay for his property damage.

$1,750,000 car accident recovery for injured motorist.  Client's final offer before hiring me was $250,000.

$1.5 Million for motorcycle accident recovered for injured motorcyclist

$750,000 motorcycle accident policy limits settlement for injured motorcyclist

$340,000 motorcycle accident recovery for injured motorcyclist - his offer was zero before he hired me.

$339,000 bicycle accident jury verdict for cyclist struck by drunk driver. GEICO's only offer was $17,000, which did not even cover the medical bills.

Mike handles all personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis.

A contingency fee basis means is that he charges a percentage of the recovery.

Not all personal injury lawyers charge the same lawyer fees. Make sure you understand what your personal injury attorney will be charging you and how they base these fees on your settlement as this can really make a huge difference to you.

If Mike takes your case, you do not pay anything up front. If there is no recovery there is no fee.

Mike's attorney fee is 1/3rd if your case settles before trial and 40% if your case goes to trial or arbitration.

  • Many personal injury attorneys increase their fees to 40% if they file a lawsuit or go to mediation.
  • Mike's fees are based on what is left AFTER your medical bills are paid. Most lawyers base their fees off the entire amount. This makes a big difference to you. For example if you have a $100,000 settlement and $50,000 in medical bills and your lawyer charges you 40% for filing a lawsuit, this only leaves you with $10,000. For the same settlement example, to illustrate how the way an attorney fees are charged before / after your medical bills are paid can really add up and take money out of your pocket: if you have the same example a $100,000 settlement and $50,000 in medical bills, Mike's attorney fee is $16,666 and you would end up with $33,333 which means you get a lot more money.

Mike's attorney fees only increase over the 1/3rd if he earns it by actually going to trial or arbitration not just filing for a lawsuit and Mike's fees increase to 40%, only after your medical bills are paid.

No Hidden Fees

Make sure you understand the basis for all attorney fees as some attorneys may have more hidden fees like charging you for consultations, opening your case file, charging you for copies, charging you for getting your medical records, charges for long distance, etc.

Mike will cover all of the costs of litigation up front. It can be very expensive to hire doctors and other expert witnesses, but they can be the difference between getting nothing and getting what you deserve.

When choosing your Beaverton personal injury attorney, make sure you look for someone who is willing to invest the time and money it takes to win your case.

Mike Colbach represented me in a lawsuit against a contractor who had severely injured me. Mike was both professional and proactive. From my first interaction with Mike and his team, I knew that I was in good hands. He explained my case and the process extremely thoroughly and kept me abreast of updates as they happened. His team dealt with the insurance companies and gave me tremendous peace of mind as I recovered so I could concentrate of just getting better. Through the deposition process, Mike fought hard to defend my interests and through the mediation process, Mike negotiated ferociously to secure the best possible settlement for me and my family. I would highly recommend Mike Colbach to anyone in need of a Personal Injury Attorney. Every victim needs an advocate like Mike in their corner.-->More

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5 star review posted on Google about Beaverton personal injury attorney Michael Colbach handling of his personal injury case.
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Case types Michael Colbach handles in Oregon

Truck Accidents, Car Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Bicycle Accidents, Pedestrian Accidents, Uber Car Accidents, Lyft Car Accidents, Rideshare Accidents, Scooter, Moped, and EBike Accidents, Boating Accidents, Premises Liability Cases, Wrongful Death, Drunk Driving Accidents, Employer Liability, and Third Party Worker's Compensation Claims