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Michael and his team are simply the best! My boyfriend and I were involved in a very serious MVA in 2021 having been hit by a drunk driver resulting in a total loss of our vehicle and multiple bodily injuries to each of us [...] I cannot recommend Michael and his team enough to anyone who finds themselves feeling unprepared to deal with all of the challenges, insurance companies, lawyers etc., which come from and with any type of motor vehicle accident!!-->More

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As a Portland car accident lawyer, I can make car insurance companies pay when they do not want to by taking your case to a jury.

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Representative Examples

Over $5 Million for car accident for injured motorist. Before he hired me the insurance company would not even pay for his property damage.

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$1.5 Million for motorcycle accident recovered for injured motorcyclist

$1.3 million settlement for injured motorist.

$1.15 Million for injured motorist.

$1.1 Million motorcycle accident for injured motorcyclist.

$750,000 motorcycle accident policy limits settlement for injured motorcyclist

$667,000 bicycle accident recovery for injured cyclist. Final offer before trial was $130,000. Jury awarded $667,000. As reported in Portland's Willamette Week Newspaper Cyclist vs. New Seasons

$374,500 motorcycle accident jury verdict for motorcyclist hit by an underinsured motorist. State Farm's final offer before trial was $113K.

$350,000 motorcycle accident policy limits settlement for injured motorcycle rider. Before he hired me the insurance company blamed him and refused to pay a penny.

$340,000 motorcycle accident recovery for injured motorcyclist - his offer was zero before he hired me.

$339,000 bicycle accident jury verdict for cyclist struck by drunk driver. GEICO's only offer was $17,000, which did not even cover the medical bills.

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Multnomah County
Motor Vehicle Accidents

Multnomah County has the highest number of car accidents, the most motor vehicle accident related injuries and fatalities in all of Oregon in 2021.

*data from Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) Crash Summary 2021


Multnomah 7972 6313 80
Washington 5430 4668 21
Marion 4467 4236 68
Clackamas 3757 3268 36

This data lags because it all takes time from the incident through the reporting process etc.

Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) has released 2023 motor vehicle crash data as of the first week of January showing 75 people died on Portland streets in 2023, this number includes 27 pedestrians.

The highest number of deaths on Portland roads since 1986.

You might notice some slight differences between the numbers that PBOT and ODOT report, especially when you start looking closely at it. As KGW news explains here, ODOT and PBOT and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) have their own tracking systems:

Portland Police Bureau counts traffic fatalities slightly different than the Portland Bureau of Transportation, Oregon Department of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration which exclude those involving suicide, medical events, deaths that happen more than 30 days later, those that occur on private property and non-public roadways or involving non-motorized vehicles.

Some of Oregon's most dangerous roads and intersections are in Multnomah County, containing Portland, it is also Oregon's most populous county.

Some of the cities within Multnomah County, like Lake Oswego, are actually in 3 counties, including Clackamas County and Washington County. Milwaukie is also partially within Multnomah County and Clackamas County. Some of the other cities or unincorporated areas of Multnomah County might just seem like they are part of the Portland Metro, like Fairview, or Maywood Park. While Cedar Mill is within Multnomah County and might just seem to be part of Washington County and Beaverton, it isn't but ODOT doesn't track Cedar Mill nor West Haven-Sylvan separately in the car accidents by city data. Yet, ODOT tracks Portland by breaking it up into multiple smaller junks, including unknown part of Portland, so you have to gather the parts to see all of Portland crash numbers.

Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) tracks even Portland city car accidents by dividing Portland up into 9 smaller regions within Portland.

Cities and Unincorporated towns within Multomah County

  • Portland
    * ODOT divides Portland into the following sections
  • Gresham
  • Lake Oswego
  • Milwaukie
  • Cedar Mill
  • Troutdale
  • Fairview
  • West Haven-Sylvan
  • Wood Village
  • Maywood Park

Portland car accidents totaled 6430 for 2021 contributing the majority to the ALL Multnomah County car crashes total of 7972 in 2021, i.e. most of these happened within Portland with Gresham adding the city with the next most car crashes, 1007 total car accidents in 2021. Portland and Gresham contributed the majority of the motor vehicle crashes that happened in 2021 with all the rest adding 535 more motor vehicle crashes.

With Portland being the most populous city and the extended metro area with the large conflux of Oregon state highways and interstates that converge through Multnomah County, it's not surprising that it has the most car accidents and some of the most dangerous stretches of roads in all of Oregon.

We can get a better idea of where the more dangerous roads and intersections are located in Portland and Mulnomah County by looking further into the data as well as many different data sources.

Portland has their own high crash network of high crash network of roads and intersections mapped.

Portland ranks these high crash roads by the rate of crashes as well as the severity of crashes and severity of injuries, giving a lot of weight if the crashes have involved any fatalities. A lot of Portland connection roads are streets identified on this high crash network map: SW and NE Broadway, SE Division, SE Hawthorne, SE Holgate, SE Stark, NE Glisan, SE Foster, NE Halsey, NE Killingsworth, Interstate Ave., Fremont, Lombard, Columbia Blvd., Sandy, Marine Drive, Martin Luther King, Beaverton Hillsdale Highway, Barbur Blvd., Airport Way, SE Cesar Chavez Blvd., SE 7th Ave., SW 4th Ave., Capitol Highway, E. Burnside, W. Burnside, SE 82nd Ave., SE 92nd Ave. Powell Blvd..... SE Powell is a US Highway 26, so it is not really under PBOT direction and control, but it does show on this Portland high crash map as owned by ODOT which are 18% of these Portland high crash roads identified on this map like Barbur Blvd., Foster, Sandy, and Columbia Blvd.

The Portland High Crash Network page is helpful as it goes further in drilling down the data for 2015-2019 for exactly which streets/intersections where crashes occured and you are able to isolate the crashes that involved pedestrians and people biking from the vehicles.

Portland Bureau of Transportation also has an interactive map that can help you spot dangerous areas on our road network, and avoid them in your route if possible, but some are notoriously difficult connections between safer cycling or walking routes.

Multnomah County Car Accidents 2021
By City
Reported by Oregon ODOT

Portland Car Accidents 2021

Portland Bridges 63 52 0 9 4 1
Portland E Burnside 115 117 0 0 94 3
Portland N 751 543 12 58 365 7
Portland NE 2042 1560 31 88 1114 24
Portland NW 279 192 5 8 160 1
Portland SE 2168 1710 15 53 1492 40
Portland SW 902 679 1 45 365 6
Portland W Burnside 64 62 0 0 54 0
Portland Unknown 46 13 0 4 8 0


Fairview 107 98 0 7 61 2
Gresham 1007
11 24 650 35
Lake Oswego 155 101 0 3 83 11
Milwaukie 156 119 0 7 83 14
Maywood Park 14 13 0 1 1 0
Troutdale 130 89 1 12 75 4
Wood Village 63 54 0 2 35 3

Motorcycle, motor scooter, moped
total crashes in Multnomah County 2021

154 total motorcyclist involved car crashes in Multnomah County in 2021. 11 fatalities of the motorcyclist in these car crashes, 120 motorcycle car crashes with motorcyclist injuries.

Not included in the motorcycle count are the counts for motor scooter or moped with 16 total involved in car crashes, 2 fatalities to the motor scooter or moped operator with 12 injured.

*source Oregon DOT crash summary by county for 2021

Pedestrian totals in car crashes within Multnomah County in 2021

185 Pedestrians in a car crash in 2021, with 30 of these being fatalities to the pedestrian. 172 pedestrians with injuries from these car crashes. 39 pedestrians with suspected serious injuries, 66 pedestrians with suspected minor injuries and 67 pedestrians with possible injuries and 212 pedestrians with reported no injuries. Oregon DOT informs us that pedestrians hit by cars at intersections were 100 of these. The break down of injuries into serious, suspected minor injuries and possible injuries obfuscates the total number of injured pedestrians from these car crashes.

*source Oregon DOT crash summary by county for 2021

We can see from the data on the Portland interactive map that of these, 27 pedestrian fatalities out of the 30 total fatalities happened in Portland in 2021, and 142 pedestrians out of these 172 injured pedestrians in Multnomah County were injured in car crashes within Portland in 2021.

Bicyclist involved in car crashes within Multnomah County in 2021

Zero cyclists involved in car crashes within Multnomah County were fatal. However, 89 cyclists were injured within Multnomah County in 2021. Of these, 12 cyclists with suspected serious injuries, 38 cyclists with suspected minor inijuries, 39 cyclists with possible injuries, and 94 cyclists involved in multnomah car crashes with reported no injuries.

*source Oregon DOT crash summary by county for 2021

From the Portland interactive map we can see that no cyclists were killed on Portland roads in 2021, but so far 67 cyclists are known to have been injured in car crashes within Portland (the data has still to be finalized for 2021 on this map for 2021).


Multnomah County truck, truck tractor with semi-trailer accidents in 2021

Truck or truck tractor crashes were 119 with one fatal truck or truck tractor crash and 81 truck or truck tractor injury crashes.

Truck tractor with semi-trailer 208 all crashes with 4 fatal and 97 vehicle crashes with injuries.

If we combine these - 327 trucking crashes, and 5 trucks involved in 5 fatal motor vehicle crashes and 178 trucking involved motor vehicle crashes. Some of the categories are further odd and could be part of this, most significantly the, "Other and not stated," category which has a very large number of crashes.

Other truck combination 2 total and 2 vehicles involved in injury crashes, 0 fatal

Others and not stated 419 all with 11 fatal and 245 injury vehicle count including properly parked vehicles

*source Oregon DOT crash summary by county for 2021

Most Dangerous Roads and Intersections in Portland and Multnomah County

Oregon ODOT tracks the most dangerous roads and intersections as the Safety Priority Index System, compares the number of crashes on the entire roadway network in Oregon, including city and county roads and state highways. The most dangerous roads on these ODOT controlled roads, not surprisingly, the stretches of Interstate 5, Interstate 405, Interstate 205 and Interstate 84 within Portland city limits have a high incidence of motor vehicle crashes, as does US 26 heading West toward Cedar Mill and Beaverton.

Portland is within Region 1 for the Oregon Safety Priority Index System, and Region 1 includes Multnomah County, Washington County, Hood River County, and Clackamas County.

The most dangerous roads and intersections in Oregon remain fairly consistent from data analysis from 2014 utilizing crash data from 2013. Different cities, county and different journalist data analysis rating systems, but the outcomes tend toward similar roadways being identified.

The SPIS Region 1 reports for 2021 for the Top 15% SPIS By Score identifies some of the same road sections and intersections as from 2013 and 2015-2017 separate analyses for the 2021 top 15% SPIS worst scores in all of Oregon: US 26 Sunset Highway approaching the Vista Ridge Tunnels from Portland, or the intersection with Interstate 405 with Sunset Highway in roughly the same area, various points along Highway US 26 or SE Powell Blvd, including intersections along SE 82nd Avenue which is also an Oregon State Highway OR 213.

Go Local PDX in 2014 created their own criteria from the Safety Prioirty system data and rankd the 60 most dangerous intersections in Oregon utilizing the Oregon Department of Transportation Safety Priority Index System and 2013 traffic crash data. Six Portland / Multnomah County intersections were in the worst 20 bottom. It is interesting to note that #18 worst is just a waypoint location on Interstate 5, there are many like this on the SPIS data reports.

Rank the most dangerous intersections in Oregon, GoLocalPDX began with the state's listings of high-crash intersections and roads. GoLocalPDX crunched data provided by the Oregon Department of Transportation from its Safety Priority Index System (SPIS) [...] In 2013, Oregon's 60 most dangerous intersections generated nearly 3,400 accidents, resulting in 56 deaths and more than 1,800 injuries.


2013 Ranked Most Dangerous Intersection
Per Go Local PDX in
Portland / Multnomah County

US-26 & I-405 Portland, Multnomah County
381 213 0
OR-213 & SE Taggart Portland, Multnomah County
177 109 1
US-26 & SE 28th Ave. Portland, Multnomah County
111 56 1
I-5 & US-30 Portland, Multnomah County
181 89 0
US-26 & SE 38th Ave. Portland, Multnomah
81 46 1
I-5/Mile Point 300.19-300.51 Portland, Multnomah County
155 77 0
OR-213 & SE Insley St. Portland, Multnomah County
70 33 1

A 2018 analysis by Portland's KGW news utilizing three years of recent Oregon DOT data (2017, 2016 and 2015) with their own ranking system found six of the ten worst roads were right here in Portland.

Similarities exist, but these are roads not intersections.

out of the 10 most dangerous roads in Oregon
in Portland / Multnomah County

Sunset Highway approaching Vista Ridge Tunnels (Portland)
187 89 0
SE 82nd Ave. near SE Powell Blvd. (Portland)
92 50 0
SE Powell Blvd. at SE 82nd Ave. (Portland)
86 49 0
SE Powell Blvd. near SE 174th Ave. (Portland)
67 36 0
NE 82nd Ave. near NE Fremont Street (Portland)
71 40 1
SE Powell Blvd near SE 136th Ave. (Portland)
67 43 0

Multnomah County Courthouse is located in SW Portland near the Hawthorne Bridge

Multnomah County Courthouse.