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I offer one-on-one service, and I limit my case load so that I can focus on your case.


I handle cases on a contingency fee basis. This means: You don't owe me a legal fee unless I recover money for you.

Focus on Your Recovery

Once I take your case, you can stop worrying about dealing with the insurance companies and focus on recovering. I take care of all of the paperwork, phone calls, and negotiations, so you can get on with your life.

Free Consultations

Contact me to schedule a no obligation free case evaluation as soon as you are able.

Top rated Oregon personal injury attorney by former clients and legal peers.

Portland personal injury attorney chosen super lawyers by peers in law for over ten consecutive years

Michael and his team are simply the best! My boyfriend and I were involved in a very serious MVA in 2021 having been hit by a drunk driver resulting in a total loss of our vehicle and multiple bodily injuries to each of us [...] I cannot recommend Michael and his team enough to anyone who finds themselves feeling unprepared to deal with all of the challenges, insurance companies, lawyers etc., which come from and with any type of motor vehicle accident!!-->More

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5 star review posted on Google about Lake Osweg personal injury attorney Michael Colbach handling of his personal injury case.
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An experienced Oregon City personal injury attorney will help level the playing field.

Insurance companies do not give money away. The only way to get fair compensation for your injuries is to force them to pay you. The only thing that makes insurance companies pay is the threat of a big jury verdict.

Only a known and respected Oregon trial lawyer will be taken seriously by insurance companies.

The only way to make sure you get a fair settlement for your Oregon personal injury claim is to contact an Oregon personal injury lawyer who focuses exclusively on personal injury cases and who has had proven results in trial with jury verdicts.

The right lawyer can make the difference between being financially devastated and being able to take care of your family's future.

Representative Results

Over $5 Million for car accident for injured motorist. Before he hired me the insurance company would not even pay for his property damage.

$1,750,000 car accident recovery for injured motorist.  Client's final offer before hiring me was $250,000.

$1.5 Million for motorcycle accident recovered for injured motorcyclist

$1.3 million settlement for injured motorist.

$750,000 motorcycle accident policy limits settlement for injured motorcyclist

$350,000 motorcycle accident policy limits settlement for injured motorcycle rider. Before he hired me the insurance company blamed him and refused to pay a penny.

$340,000 motorcycle accident recovery for injured motorcyclist - his offer was zero before he hired me.

$339,000 bicycle accident jury verdict for cyclist struck by drunk driver. GEICO's only offer was $17,000, which did not even cover the medical bills.

When choosing your Oregon City personal injury attorney, make sure you look for someone who is willing to invest the time and money it takes to win your case.

I am dedicated to helping you recover as much money as you are entitled under the law including medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and punitive damages.

The vast majority of Oregon personal injury cases don't go to trial. However, I treat each case as if it is going to be a trial, as you have to be willing to go to trial to maximize your settlement.

2 years ago I was involved in an accident while commuting home from work on my bicycle. [...] I was left unconscious in the road for over 3 hours until my wife came looking for me. She found me unconscious, laying in a pool of blood and vomit with my helmet cracked from impact. I was left with a TBI, fractured hand and multiple contusions and lacerations that required immediate care. I suffered memory, speech, vision and auditory impairment that continues today. -->More

former client review Stacy Hope left on Google about a serious motor vehicle accident caused by a drunk driver Steph Johnson
5 star review posted on Google about Portland bicycle accident attorney Michael Colbach handling of their bicycle accident case
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If I take your case, you do not pay anything up front. If there is no recovery there is no attorney fee.

My attorney fee is 1/3rd if your case settles before trial and 40% if your case goes to trial or arbitration. Many personal injury attorneys increase their fees to 40% if they file a lawsuit or go to mediation.

My fees are based on what is left AFTER your medical bills are paid. Most lawyers base their fees off the entire amount of your settlement or verdict.

This makes a big difference to you.

For example if you have a $100,000 settlement and $50,000 in medical bills and your lawyer charges you 40% for filing a lawsuit, this only leaves you with $10,000.

For the same settlement example, to illustrate how the way an attorney fees are charged before / after your medical bills are paid can really add up and take money out of your pocket: if you have the same example a $100,000 settlement and $50,000 in medical bills, my attorney fee is $16,666 and you would end up with $33,333 which means you get a lot more money ($23,000 more in this example).

My attorney fees only increase over the 1/3rd if I earn it by actually going to trial or arbitration not just filing for a lawsuit and my fees increase to 40%, only after your medical bills are paid.

No Hidden Fees

Make sure you understand the basis for all attorney fees as some attorneys may have more hidden fees like charging you for consultations, opening your case file, charging you for copies, charging you for getting your medical records, charges for long distance, etc.

I will cover all of the costs of litigation up front.

It can be very expensive to hire doctors and other expert witnesses, but they can be the difference between getting nothing and getting what you deserve.

The Clackamas County Court in Oregon City

The Clackamas County Court is in Oregon City on Main Street, the cutest main street in the USA, or one of the cutest a short walk from the Oregon City municipal elevator.

Located on Oregon City's historic Main Street.

Clackamas County Court is just a couple blocks away from the Municipal Elevator.

Oregon City Municipal Elevator

The Oregon City Municipal Elevator is a unique landmark with fantastic panoramic views and overlooks Willamette Falls. The history of Oregon City is also beautifully featured inside with holographic images that change and show multiple images of the timeline changing. There are also steps that you can take to get up to the top if you prefer, and these meander by the waterfall designed into a town art sculpture. From the top you can meander along a trail that winds you down to OR 99E near the Willamette Falls viewing pull off so that you can get even closer.

If you take the steps / trail from the bottom of the Municipal Elevator to the top, you end up very close to the McGloughlin House and more National Park Service Historic Sites (under Fort Vancouver).

The Clackamas County court house is in Oregon City close to the Oregon City municipal elevator, one of the only city elevators in the USA.

Off road bicycle and hiking trails in Oregon City

Newell Creek Canyon Nature Park provides some trails dedicated to bicycles only, some shared bicycle and hiking, and some hiking only options. They provide a handy map that you can carry and easily find your way around the network trails.

Newell Creek Canyon Nature Park 485 Warner Milne Rd, Oregon City

The End of the Oregon Trail Interpretative and Visitor Center

They host some excellent huge events from time to time, and provide daily history presentations, tours.

Walking and Riding a Bicycle in Oregon City

While Oregon City is a charming and rich cultural historic city, it isn't the easiest to navigate as a pedestrian or on a bicycle. However, with the Trolley Trail you can make more connections and even connect all the way from downtown Portland to Oregon City with long segments on trails that are car free. The Trolley Trail gets you close to Oregon City, making the rest of the connection is not as easy on foot or bicycle.

Motor Vehicle Accidents In Oregon City

Oregon City isn't the easiest for driving cars on the town roads either, partly because Oregon City is surrounded with several busy state highways and the huge Interstate 205 Abernathy Bridge as well as the local Oregon Highway 43 bridge crossing over to West Linn, Dunthorpe and Lake Oswego. Partly also because it is such an old historic town with beautiful old houses and buildings, the roads and first developments here were not for cars and trucks. Oregon City sits on the edge of the Portland Metro and has a feel of part city but also, opening up to the beautiful open farms and wild scenic areas and the spectacular Willamette River and Willamette Falls.

*data from ODOT Crashes by City

2021 359 329 1 172
2020 325 220 0 166
2019 485 381 3 217
2018 517 391 3 233
2017 620 417 3 287
2016 676 462 2 311


Many of these motor vehicle accidents occur at intersections, often where a state highway intersects with a local Oregon City busier road (like Beavercreek Road / Mollala Avenue, or intersections with OR 99E). In addition to the crashes at Intersections, there is another category of what Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) calls, "Intersection Related," which isn't surprising because these are huge intersections on highways, sometimes multi-lanes and wide sections of roads. Looking further into the data, many of the fatalities are pedestrians at some of the same most dangerous intersections in Oregon. The majority of fatalities are pedestrians, people walking on foot.

The Safety Priority Index System (SPIS) is used in Oregon by the Department of Transportation.

The SPIS is a systemic scoring method that identifies potential safety problems on state high- ways. The SPIS score is based on three years of crash data and considers crash frequency, crash rate, and crash severity. A highway segment becomes a SPIS site if a location has: 1) three or more crashes OR; 2) one or more fatal crashes, over the three-year period.

Some of the intersections within Oregon City are identified as the most dangerous in Oregon

"In 2013, Oregon’s 60 most dangerous intersections generated nearly 3,400 accidents, resulting in 56 deaths and more than 1,800 injuries. "

#6 in 2013: OR-213 & Beavercreek Rd. Oregon City, Clackamas County.
Total Crashes: 92
Fatalities: 1
Injuries: 51
Property Damage: 40

#15 in 2013: OR-99E & Dunes Dr. Oregon City, Clackamas County.
Total Crashes: 82
Fatalities: 1
Injuries: 44
Property Damage: 37

#44 in 2013: OR-213 & Mollala Ave. Oregon City, Clackamas County.
Total Crashes: 23
Fatalities: 1
Injuries: 9
Property Damage: 13

These above three intersections were identified as some of the most dangerous in Oregon in 2013 continue to be some of the most dangerous. The most recent SPIS report in 2021 utilized data from 2018 - 2020 which shows Oregon City continues to have many roads and intersections on the highest crash rate in the state, Beavercreek Road OR-213 as well as Dunes Drive OR-99E remain notable for very high crash rates.

Hire an attorney who is also a cyclist.

I raced for the Presto Velo team, which is now the BicycleAttorney.com cycling team and am their main cash sponsor. I started riding bicycles seriously in 1994 when I started my first law job as a Multnomah County Deputy District Attorney. I first started by hauling my mountain bike to Lake Oswego and riding in from there. After a few months of riding, I got the bike bug bad and made the decision to sell my car and buy a road bike. [ more Why I Ride -->]


Hire an Oregon motorcycle accident attorney who rides.

I have ridden thousands of miles on my street bike and know the dangers that motorcyclists face every time they get on a bike. In my experience, most motorcycle riders are very safe and cautious, as our life is on the line if we are not. Motorcyclists often encounter negative attitudes about riding motorcycles and insurance companies use this to try and pressure motorcyclists into accepting unfair settlements.

Expert personal injury attorney when it comes to pedestrians hit by cars while walking or crossing streets in or not in a crosswalk.

Even if you were not in a crosswalk when you were hit by a car as a pedestrian, in Oregon, there is an implied crosswalk at every corner with a stop sign.

I hold a United States Coast Guard Captain's 100 Ton License and have fished both commercially and for sport.

Boating accidents can be harder to figure out, but my 40 years on the water and my professional training as a captain give me a leg up over most lawyers.


Over 20 years experience exclusively dedicated to practicing Oregon personal injury law.

Over 30 years courtroom and trial experience.

The Law Office of Michael Colbach represents clients throughout Oregon including Portland, throughout the Portland Metro, Beaverton, Lake Oswego, Oregon City, Gresham, Hillsboro, Salem, Astoria, Bend, Baker City, and Medford. ‍ For more information to make an appointment or discuss your case, please call or email.