Portland Bridge Pedal - so much fun and a good cause.

Portland Bicycle Rides

The Providence Bridge Pedal - a benefit for health causes, is an annual huge event for bicycle riders, runners, and walkers (usually beginning of August).

The Bridge Pedal offers multiple different rides which vary in distance, and of course what bridges you get to ride over. There is also a "bridge stride" and a kids pedal, for runners, walkers and kids.

Imagine if our morning bicycle commute looked like the bridge scene above!

For the bridge bicycle riders, you can choose from a 36 mile ride over 10 bridges, an 8 bridge ride which was 24 miles, or 6 bridge ride, etc. The 6 and 8 bridge rides offer plenty of great bridges to ride your bicycle on in case you are worried about the distance, however, the pace is generally relaxed and riding in a big event like this, the distance goes by very quickly even if you aren't used to that many miles.

There are also frequent and ample rest stops stocked with food and bicycle support, and music, it's a fun ride with a lot of great vistas atop huge bridges which most of us only ever get to see the view from a car - and that just isn't the same as stopping and getting out and walking around on the bridges!

Just think all those miles and bridges shut down to cars. Fun and safe ride with bicycle riders everywhere. OK some parts are just one direction of car lanes shut down, but that is plenty. And, with the pack of bicycle riders you are cruising with, you also are very visible. The St. John's Bridge in North Portland only had one lane shut down to traffic yet provided plenty of room for bicycle riders to even use the sidewalk for getting off for the view and taking pictures. Such a beautiful bridge!

No worries, this is not a bike race. The pace is leisurely and the rest areas offer plenty of amusement and snacks to take your time on the ride.

This year's bridge pedal was going along with the BITE of Oregon and the bridge pedal offered free entry to the BITE which was the perfect place to eat after a long morning ride...that is if you still had room after all the snacks from the rest areas and the ice cream bar passed out at the finish line.