Portland bike ride - the West side Esplanade, part of the Johnson Creek Corridor - car free for miles and connects to more trails.

West Bank Trail

Westbank Esplanade is one of my favorite Portland recreational bicycle rides. This side of the river and Esplanade is not as finished as the East side, but it offers some great views and is a fun way to explore this part of Portland. While the Eastbank Esplanade is quite suitable for young cyclists, the Westbank Esplanade has more difficult crossings and is not completely off road.

Westbank Bike Route

From Portland's Steel Bridge continue South down through Tom McCall Waterfront Park. This is an easy but often crowded stretch along the river.

South of Hawthorne Bridge, often you'll have to pick and search for the trail, just keep heading South and following the river. You'll go by the marina just South of the Hawthorne Bridge, and can meander along the river.

The portion of the ride farther South than the marina area gets less suitable for younger bicyclists.

Some stretches of the West side Esplanade are on streets. Most of the route is paved.

South of the Ross Island Bridge, the views of the Willamette River are spectacular from the West side which sometimes takes you very close to the river. The OHSU Tram area offers great dining options. Continuing south, there are some great birding vistas, marinas and Butterfly and Willamette Parks.

Ends around Sellwood Bridge on West side. Connecting to the Eastbank Esplanade at Oaks Bottom Park or continuing on the Springwater Corridor is possible but making the Sellwood Bridge crossing is challenging.